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[Linrad] Question about 1 stereo audio and Diversity Map65 packet transmission

I'm currently running Linrad with a Delta-44 and using to feed packets 
to MAP65.  But I only have one downconverter and one polarization.  So 
far, I've configured it to put the same audio into both IQ inputs, and 
linrad displays 45 degrees. 

But I want to go the June VHF contest with a smaller PC an a USB sound 
card.  Can I use a single USB sound card and still configure linrad for 
2 x 2 IQ channels?  What happens with the undefined inputs?  It seems to 
_start_ to work on my desktop PC because Map65 reports the right Rx 
audio level and 0% error.  But after a minute, it reports "No Rx Data".

I'm currently testing with Linrad 2.56 and Map65 r1257 both running on 
my Linux box.

any ideas?

jeff, wa1hco

Thomas D. Dean wrote:
> I slowed things way down.  It sort of works.
> M_CIC2 [16]
> M_CIC5 [32]
> M_RCF [32]
> OL_RCF [2]
> Sampl. clk adjust [0]
> Att [0]
> Inp.sel [25]
> Check [2150200]
> 1st FFT BW 12
> sine 2
> rest defaults
> If I click in the waterfall area then press X, after several seconds, I
> get the change parameter screen.  Pressing X again returns me to the
> main menu and things seem sort of normal.
> The response to the keyboard or mouse is VERY slow!  The CPU usage is
> low.
> tomdean
> >

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