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Hi Thomas,

> > As far as I know it only occurs when the CPU is overloaded. 
> I am running xlinrad on a quad core 3GHz machine with 4G RAM and one
> other process, trackerd.
> I can not see a high CPU usage with top when xlinrad is running
> normally.  When I get an error, either overrun or A/D Speed and the
> waterfall stops, xlinrad is using 100% of one cpu and bouncing between
> 0.5% and 1.1% memory.
> If I start xlinrad and do not touch the mouse or keyboard, it seems to
> not get to the 100% state, normally around 5% to 10%.  After letting it
> run for a few minutes, getting 85 overrun errors and seeing the A/D
> error several times, when I press <esc>, the display stops and xlinrad
> freezes using 100% of one cpu. I use ^C in the terminal to kill it.
> I installed the ft245.ko built from your sources, in the normal
> location.  I see no change.
I have no idea what might happen on your system.
It looks like an error in Linrad but I have not seen anything similar here.
Maybe it is something that does not happen here because I do not have
a computer that is anywhere near as fast as your machine.

Nobody has reported something similar before. Maybe it is some error
I made recently and that is not detected by others who did not upgrade
to the latest version (to avoid possible new errors.)

Try to download an old version from here:
The oldest that should work with the SDR-IQ is Linrad-02.34

Maybe other Linrad/SDR-IQ users can help. Is there something wrong in
the latest Linrad versions?


Leif / SM5BSZ

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