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Hi Thomas,

> I get an RX overrun error repeatedly, after about one minute.
> # ./xlinrad
> C
> -- or --
> #nice -20 ./xlinrad
> C
> Linrad 03.06 freezes.  Does not respond to any keyboard action.
I would think that the CPU was busy so it could not take care of
the USB activities in time. The error could be within Linrad if
you have selected parameters that overload the processor. That
would not be possible if you use the parameters I suggested in 
a previous mail and also not select a signal by clicking on it.

If problems occur only after you click a signal you should change the
mode for the baseband filter and resampler. There is a box in
the upper right corner of the baseband window where you can
toggle between '1' and '2'. Mode 2 can only be used for filters
with modest size because it causes a cpu load that increases
with the filter size. Mode 1 is always very fast, but it produces
artifacts in the transition region of the filter. For "normal"
filters both implementations work equally well.

> If I close the gnome window by clicking "X", linrad does not return to
> the console.
You have to press ctrl C to stop the thread that is waiting for USB. 

> /var/log/messages has 71,603 messages like
> Also, May 27 13:56:09 asus kernel: [100386.736199] ft245:
> ft245_read_bulk_callback dropped 62 h/t/c 0/65534/65534
You may read in ft245.c what the exact reason is for this error.

As far as I know it only occurs when the CPU is overloaded. 

> # ./xlinrad
> C
> X
> Causes linrad to freeze every time.
> What can I do to help fix this?
I suggest you remove all the par files and restart Linrad in
'newcomer mode'. If the problem remains, something may have
gone wrong with the ft245 module. After all you have done
various things to install it in a way that I have no experience 


Leif / SM5BSZ

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