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[Linrad] Linrad-03.06 SDR-IQ FT245 Solution

Hi Thomas,
> http://james.ahlstrom.name/ft245.html has instructions for installing
> the ft245 driver.  After doing this, linrad recognizes the SDR-IQ.
> The instructions discuss creating a file /etc/modprobe.d/sdriq the name
> should be /etc/modprobe.d/sdriq.config or it may fail in future
> releases.
> The instructions also describe how to allow normal user access to the
> SDR.  Linrad should never be run as root!
As the author of Linrad I have a different opinion.

Linrad is a software package that is designed to transform a general
purpose computer to a radio transceiver (or receiver.) Running any other
software in parallel is likely to cause missing data occasionally because
most softwares do not respect the short latency times that are necessary
for Linrad to operate properly with a short delay from antenna to
loudspeaker. The preferred mode of operation is as root in terminal mode
with svgalib.

In recent years Linrad can also be run under X11 and under Microsoft Windows
and indeed it is possible to run a lot of other softwares in parallel, but
operations like resizing a window or starting another program will typically
produce incorrect data within Linrad.

Some users may have a parallel port that is above 0x400 and they
need root privileges because otherwise iopl(3) is not permitted.

> So create the file /etc/udev/rules.d/local.rules with this contents:
> # Additional rules for this computer:
>     # USB devices
>     KERNEL=="ft245?",       MODE="0660",    GROUP="dialout"
> Is it possible to extract these instructions and distribute them with
> linrad?

Today "make sdr14" does something that I believe works on all Linux
systems that have USB. I would be happy to replace Makefile.in for
another one that would do something like this:

1) make sdr14
  Print instructions saying make root_sdr14 (for root users) and
  make user_sdr14 (for normal users)

2) make root_sdr14 
  Do the current things and remove the files of "user_sdr14"

3) make user_sdr14 
  Do the things you suggest above and remove the files of "root_sdr14"  

If you or someone else would supply the new Makefile.in and possibly
the configure.in to go with it in case some substitutes become necessary
I will be happy to replace the configure and make of Linrad.


Leif / SM5BSZ

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