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[Linrad] Re: Delta 44/66

Hello Leif,

Thank you for your information. I went back home from
EME site and have test just now. It works well! I am
sorry late response.

Isao / JM1WBB

On 2009/05/19, at 22:20, Leif Asbrink wrote:
> Hello Isao,
>> I installed Delta 66 (for WSE) and YMF (for AF out) in
>> Linux box and those cards worked fine. But YMF got out
>> of order and I'm installing another Delta 44. When this
>> card is selected for RX, Linrad say:
>> Error: Device must have 1 or 2 channels (or both).
>> What mistake I am? I'm also using OSS sound drivers
>> (paid) on Fedora 10. Thanks in advance.
> I do not have OSS here any more. With the new installation
> procedure I found it difficult to manage reconfigurations
> when testing all the different soundcards.
> The problem is presumably that the device you selected is reported
> by OSS to only be capable of using 4 channels. There is a test
> for this in lsetad.c like this:
> if( (dev_wr_channels[ui.rx_dadev_no]&3) == 0)
>  {
>  lir_text(0,line[0],
>  "Error: Device must have 1 or 2 channels (or both).");
>  line[0]++;
>  ui.rx_dadev_no=-1;
>  lir_text(10,line[0],press_any_key);
>  await_keyboard();
>  return;
>  }
> In the routine void set_rx_dadev_parms(int *line)
> which is near line 4130 in lsetad.c
> Remove or comment out those lines. The modern OSS driver
> is probably doing a conversion in software so it will allow
> the device to be opened as one or two channels.
> You must also comment out two of the following lines like this:
> ui.rx_min_da_channels=1;
> //if( (dev_wr_channels[ui.rx_dadev_no]&1) ==  
> 0)ui.rx_min_da_channels=2;
> ui.rx_max_da_channels=2;
> //if( (dev_wr_channels[ui.rx_dadev_no]&2) ==  
> 0)ui.rx_max_da_channels=1;
> That should allow Linrad to try to open the Delta44 with one or two
> channels.
> The reason for this test is that some systems do not work at all
> if one tries to open devices with a number of channels not supported
> in hardware. Maybe it is time to remove this restriction now because
> the problem is presumably only present in rather old Linux sound  
> systems.
> To make it work you must also remove this:
>    j=0;
>    ioctl(rx_audio_out, SNDCTL_DSP_COOKEDMODE, &j);
> #endif
> This is near line 2964 in lsetad.c.
> I have modified Linrad-03.06 like this:
> Error: Device must have 1 or 2 channels (or both).
> Do you wish to try to use it anyway (Y/N)?
> If you answer 'Y', the changes above will come into effect and if
> you ansewr 'N' you will get a chance to select another device.
> I have tested it in my RedHat 9 installation where I have 4Front OSS.
> (Not actually listened to the output because connectors do not fit,
> but it seems to work properly.)
> 73
> Leif / SM5BSZ

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