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[Linrad] Re: WSE Control cable pinout

Hello Stan,

> I am trying to verify the WSE control cable from the PC
> (25 pin D shell female @ the PC) to the WSE boxes ( DB9 male on the WSE).
> The RX2500 only needs DC power, no control from parallel possible

> The RX10700 box needs DC power and parallel control: Raw_Select_F,   
> Data,   Status, and   Clock
> The RX70 box needs DC power and parallel control:       Raw_Select_F,   
> Data,   Status, and   Clock
> RX144 box needs DC power and parallel control:            
> Raw_Select-F,   Data,   Status, and   Clock
> RXHFA box needs DC power and parallel control:          Raw_Select_F,   
> Raw_Select_A,   Data,   Status, and   Clock
"Raw_Select_F" are different lines for each box

> What pin on the DB25 is Clock ?  #1
> What pin is Raw_Select_A   ?
> What pin is Raw_Select_F   ?
> What pin is Data  ?
> What pin is Status  ?
There is a table at the bottom of this page:
There are five select pins, two for RXHFA, one for each one
of the other units (except for RX2500 which han none)

> Is there a definitive drawing for this WSE control/power cable ?
> I could find details about the WSE connector pin outs,  but not this cable.
> The nomenclature is also a gray area, to me, compared to the 1284-A IEEE 
> standard
It is all described here.

The Linrad hardware control has no similarity with the 1284-A IEEE 
standard. Linrad uses the parallel port as a bus to control up to
256 hardware devices at a low data rate. Intended for tx control, 
different antennas, power amplifier on/off etc. Maybe antenna rotor
and other things. The WSE interface is driven by DC levels and works
with wires having low pass filters on them. 

> How should grounds(returns) be handled, all bonded to the computer 
> chassis and the WSE chassis ?
The computer chassis is connected to the RX2500 chassis via the Delta 44
cable. The other WSE units are connected via the screen of the coaxial 

The PC parallel port is sensitive to static electricity (and also to
over-voltages) that could occur if any d-dub is inserted without having
a ground connection made first. It may be a good idea to use an extra
wire to connect the chassis of all the units to each other and to the 
chassis of the PC computer. Not needed, just a precaution against user 

The power supply should have a floating output so it becomes grounded
through the WSE units and the PC. If you connect the power supply
zero to the mains ground through the mains cable of the power supply
you create a ground loop. Most probably that would not give any
problem, but if it is a switchpower supply the risk that you see
QRM from it would increase.


Leif / SM5BSZ

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