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[Linrad] Re: New release of MAP65-IQ

I'm still having some trouble with the new release of MAP65-IQ.  In general
it decodes fine, nearly at the same level than WSJT, but sometimes I notice
two problems:

First, the program skips some decoding period from time to time, apparently
not even trying to decode. It even shows nothing of that period in the
waterfall display.

Second, some good signals (even as good as -15 dB) are not decoded at all,
although they appear fine in the waterfall.

After having made some tests I think that the reason of the first problem
could be related to the time synchronization. My PC has a very bad clock and
I have to synchronize the time via Internet every 3 minutes (clock drift can
be of about 1 second in that period..hi).  If I do it every 10 minutes (for
instance) the problem apparently happens less often.  I wonder if might be
the decoding algorithm gets fooled if the PC time changes sometime during
the reception or decoding periods.

I also wonder if the second problem could also be caused by the same matter.

Anyone else has noticed this behaviour?

Joe, please, what do you think about this possibility?

73. Gabriel - EA6VQ
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