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[Linrad] Re: Linrad 03.05b Test Bug

Hi Tom,

> I found a problem with processing files.  The limit for filenames it too
> low.
Well, that is made on purpose. Two file names are allowerd after each 
other on a line and the maximum length is 40 characters.

You might use symbolic links with (much) less than 40 characters
to point to names as those below.

> > cat ./adwav
> ../../Wave/CaptureDawn_090411_130912.wav
> ../../Wave/CaptureTahuya3_090407_221235.wav
> ../../Wave/CaptureTahuya3_090407_221750.wav
> ../../Wave/CaptureTahuya3_090407_223127.wav
> ../../Wave/CaptureTahuya3_090407_224446.wav

It might be nice to make the file name length a compile time option.
(To place in options.h) I will happily replace get_parfile_name
and associated things in modesub.c in case someone is interested 
in doing such modifications:-)

   Leif  /  SM5BSZ

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