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[Linrad] Re: Giving up on SDR-IQ and Moving to Sound Card

Hi Tom,

> make sdr14 and reboot fixed the access problem...
> I can make linrad freeze repeatedly.
> S    font 3, par port 0, 75%, 75%
> W
> U
> A
>   found the SDR - use it
>   CIC2 10, CIC5 10, RCF 7 RCF shift 5, clk 0, 35db
> X
> W
> A
> Z = disable output
>    DMA 200
> X
> W
> A
>   par_wcw missing - accept all defaults
> After it runs for a few seconds,
> X
>   and, the display freezes
Hmm, when I try, xlinrad runs fine. For hours.
Do you see "No input" in the lower left corner with a number
that slowly increases?

I did find an error though, when I click a signal Linrad exits
with an arithmetic error. When restarting I am prompted for
new parameters because the output sampling speed is zero and that
is not permitted. After I have given it a value (e.g.11025) I see no
problems. Use U in the main menu to select a soundcard. Then
press Z to ignore it. I will correct this. Thanks for pointing
me to another bug:-)

Maybe you are not running as root? For reasons unknown to me
SDR-14 does not work here when I am logged in as a normal user.
It does run fine with sudo however.

Maybe someone can tell me what to do to make the SDR-14/SDR-IQ
run without root privileges???
(Look at the bottom of Makefile to see how things are done now.)


  Leif / SM5BSZ

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