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[Linrad] New release of MAP65-IQ

Hello Moonbouncers,

A new version of MAP65-IQ has been placed on the WSJT web 
site at


This version is much improved over early versions posted 
several weeks ago.  MAP65-IQ now works with the SDR-14 and 
Perseus receivers, as well as the SDR-IQ.  The installation 
package includes the latest Linrad (version 3.05b) and a 
full set of Linrad parameters files for each of the three 
target receivers.

Documentation is lagging somewhat behind...

If you have questions about setting up and using the 
Linrad/MAP65 or Linrad/MAP65-IQ combination, please post 
them to the Linrad reflector.  That is also a good place to 
tell me about bugs in MAP65-IQ, or to make suggestions for 
improvements.  Of course, you may also email me directly.

     -- 73, Joe, K1JT

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