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[Linrad] Re: Linrad 03.05b Frequent [1284] Messages

Hi Tom,

> After I saw the failure, I started linrad with gdb to see if I could learn something.
> Ofter, gdb shows the source of a problem.
> I normally do not run linrad under gdb.
OK. You should never see the 1284 error exit. It means that 
something is wrong with the USB device. It did not return
from a blocking read within a reasonable time.

It could be because I made some mistake, for example making "reasonable
time" a bit too short, but more likely you have other softwares running
in parallel with Linrad. 

Since I now know your interest is in low frequencies you might
use somewhat larger decimation numbers to make the USB run slower.
That would allow other softwares to hold the CPU for longer times
without causing any problems to Linrad. On the other hand, a Linux
system that does not run anything not needed for Linrad mau run the
USB at 230 kHz, high above its specifications.

You might change nice values for different softwares. That might
allow you to run a lot of things in parallel with Linrad.

 Leif / SM5BSZ

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