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[Linrad] Re: Linrad-03.05

Hi Guy,

> Am I the only member of this group checking out this SDR-IQ
> calibration thing?
Seems so...

> 2. If I go into the "SDR-IQ" screen (U or XXU), and make a change to
> the sampling correction,
> usually at the end of that data entry, I can hit D for SSB mode and go
> back into Linrad.
> But just sometimes Linrad objects that the "input sampling speed has
> changed",
> and insists on me reentering ALL the parameter data (FFT settings).
> There seems to be little pattern to when this happens.
> If I make small changes to the sampling correction, like 100, 200, 300
> etc, I can get straight back into Linrad,
> but if I make a big change, say from 0 to -827, then I have to reenter
> everything!
> But another time I tried -100, -200, -400, -600, -800, and only on the
> last change did I have to reenter everything!
> Can you make any sense from that?
There is a test for the ratio between nominal and reported sampling rates
to not differ by more than 0.01%. I now changed it to 1%.

> 3. Just an incidental point, but when Linrad does object and require
> everything to be reentered,
> it gives the old and new sample rates (e.g. 95238 and 95236).
> These are naturally very close after decimating by 700 from 66.667MHz,
> when the sampling speed change is only a few hundred Hz.
> Some decimal places would help to highlight the difference.
> Ah.... maybe by chance I have just hit on the problem above!
> Does Linrad require everything to be reentered only when the integer
> value of the sampling speed changes?
> It would be nice if I could make sampling speed corrections without
> having to reenter everything!
It should be possible with the next version.

> 4. This one is really weird!
> Once I have made a sampling speed correction and got my input test
> signal of 144.125MHz spot on in Linrad,
> if I then exit Linrad and restart Linrad, the test signal appears spot
> on 144.095MHz (28.095MHz).
> Hit X to view the parameters, everything looks ok, hit B to go back
> into SSB, and the signal is back on 144.125MHz!
> I can do this consistently - it happens every time!
> Incidentally MAP65-IQ also shows the signal on 144.095 when this
> happens.
Fixed (hopefully)

Try linrad-03.05b


Leif / SM5BSZ


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