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[Linrad] Re: [wsjtgroup] MAP65 crashes under Win XP


Thanks for the reply.  the value of "freq" in par_ssb_fg got set to
    freq [0.124956000000000000000000000000]
I didn't know what to do with the MHz.  without setting "freq",
the waterfall display shows negative values.

The Rx lineup uses a Demi 144-28 and crystal controlled 28 MHz
Softrock centered on 144.124956 MHz.

jeff, wa1hco

Joe Taylor wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> I expect that your problem may have to do with Linrad not knowing 
> anything about the frequency that your SoftRock is receiving.  Therefore 
>   Linrad can't send correct frequency information to MAP65.  MAP65 
> expects to see a center frequency label as part of each data packet 
> received from Linrad.
> I'm leaving for the airport in a few minutes; next week I'll be home 
> again and will make you a special version of MAP65 that should let you 
> operate this way.  In the meantime, you might let us know what frequency 
> your Softrock is tuned to.  Is it constant?  Do you have 1 144-to-28 (or 
> some such) converter ahead of it?
> 	-- 73, Joe, K1JT
> jeff millar wrote:
>> Here's some more information about the crash of MAP65 under Win XP
>> The Linrad waterfall display looks relatively normal given the massive 
>> birdies and switchmode crap I live with.
>> Here's the output from MAP65 running from a terminal...nothing 
>> remarkable, just silently crashes. 
>> As you can see, it's a late revision.
>> C:\Program Files\WSJT6>map65
>> ******************************************************************
>> MAP65 Version 0.9 r1026, by K1JT
>> Revision date: 2008-09-18 11:08:43 -0400 (Thu, 18 Sep 2008)
>> Run date:   Wed Apr 01 02:06:03 2009 UTC
>> Error reading MAP65.INI, continuing with defaults.
>> Nt1 48
>> Error reading MAP65.INI, continuing with defaults.
>> Nt1 48
>> Using Linrad for input, PortAudio for output.
>> Accepting unicast data from Linrad.
>> Audio    Output    Device Name
>> Device  Channels
>> ----------------------------------------------------------
>>    3       2       Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output
>>    4       2       SB Live! 24-bit External
>>    5       2       SigmaTel Audio
>> Default Output:  3
>> Requested Output:  3
>> Opening device 3 for output.
>> Audio output stream running normally.
>> ******************************************************************
>> C:\Program Files\WSJT6>
>> Time line
>> 17:53 program started and clock running
>> 18:55 first minute of waterfall appears
>> 19:02 clock stops ticking over, stuck on 19:02
>> ?????  After a minute or so, the windows "has to close" popup appears
>> Clock resumes ticking!
>> Message and Bandmap windows open and close
>> Able to click on Waterfall and green cursor at top moves
>> 0% packet error rate and Rx level responds to preamp on/off
>> It appears a sub-thread has crashed and then locked the main program for 
>> a time.
>> The process tree shows MAP65.exe, a subprocess also called MAP65.exe and 
>> a subprocess to the
>> second that's the error popup box.
>> The "details in the popup mentions "audio.pyd"
>> This is "MAP65", not MAP65-IQ.  I'm using Linrad with a Delta-44 but 
>> only feed Softrock I/Q
>> output to one channel, the 2nd channel just has noise.  Dual polarity 
>> comes after this gets
>> working.
>> thanks in advance,
>> jeff, wa1hco
>> Joe Taylor wrote:
>>> Hi Jeff,
>>> The best place for help with MAP65 is on the Linrad 
>>> reflector, to which I will also send a copy of this brief reply.
>>> You ask about MAP65 but do not describe your hardware.  Are 
>>> you using the original, dual-polarization MAP65, or the 
>>> recently released, single-polarization MAP65-IQ?
>>> What revision number of the program are you running?
>>> Is Linrad running correctly?  Does its waterfall look OK?
>>> I suggest that you start the program from a command-prompt 
>>> window and post the error message displayed there when the 
>>> program crashes.
>>> 	-- Joe, K1JT
>>> jeff millar wrote:
>>>> Group...
>>>> I have a goal of using MAP65 for the June VHF contest and worked this
>>>> weekend to get Linrad on one PC "unicasting" to my Win XP Media Edition
>>>> laptop running MAP65.  I succeeded in getting 0% packet loss and the right
>>>> change in reported level as I turned the preamp on and off...so that
>>>> part appears correct.
>>>> However, MAP65 faults and the "serious error" "has to close", "sorry",
>>>> "send to microsoft?" box pops up and "details" mentions audio.pyd.
>>>> Map65 doesn't seem to crash if I shrink the waterfall window or if Linrad
>>>> doesn't send it any packets from linrad.  Basically the waterfall puts up
>>>> one minutes worth of data and then boom!
>>>> Does anyone have any ideas about what to do?
>>>> thanks in advance,
>>>> jeff, wa1hco

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