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[Linrad] Re: [wsjtgroup] MAP65 crashes under Win XP

Here's some more information about the crash of MAP65 under Win XP

The Linrad waterfall display looks relatively normal given the massive 
birdies and switchmode crap I live with.

Here's the output from MAP65 running from a terminal...nothing 
remarkable, just silently crashes. 
As you can see, it's a late revision.

C:\Program Files\WSJT6>map65
MAP65 Version 0.9 r1026, by K1JT
Revision date: 2008-09-18 11:08:43 -0400 (Thu, 18 Sep 2008)
Run date:   Wed Apr 01 02:06:03 2009 UTC
Error reading MAP65.INI, continuing with defaults.
Nt1 48
Error reading MAP65.INI, continuing with defaults.
Nt1 48
Using Linrad for input, PortAudio for output.
Accepting unicast data from Linrad.

Audio    Output    Device Name
Device  Channels
   3       2       Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output
   4       2       SB Live! 24-bit External
   5       2       SigmaTel Audio
Default Output:  3
Requested Output:  3
Opening device 3 for output.
Audio output stream running normally.

C:\Program Files\WSJT6>

Time line
17:53 program started and clock running
18:55 first minute of waterfall appears
19:02 clock stops ticking over, stuck on 19:02
?????  After a minute or so, the windows "has to close" popup appears
Clock resumes ticking!
Message and Bandmap windows open and close
Able to click on Waterfall and green cursor at top moves
0% packet error rate and Rx level responds to preamp on/off

It appears a sub-thread has crashed and then locked the main program for 
a time.

The process tree shows MAP65.exe, a subprocess also called MAP65.exe and 
a subprocess to the
second that's the error popup box.

The "details in the popup mentions "audio.pyd"

This is "MAP65", not MAP65-IQ.  I'm using Linrad with a Delta-44 but 
only feed Softrock I/Q
output to one channel, the 2nd channel just has noise.  Dual polarity 
comes after this gets

thanks in advance,

jeff, wa1hco

Joe Taylor wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> The best place for help with MAP65 is on the Linrad 
> reflector, to which I will also send a copy of this brief reply.
> You ask about MAP65 but do not describe your hardware.  Are 
> you using the original, dual-polarization MAP65, or the 
> recently released, single-polarization MAP65-IQ?
> What revision number of the program are you running?
> Is Linrad running correctly?  Does its waterfall look OK?
> I suggest that you start the program from a command-prompt 
> window and post the error message displayed there when the 
> program crashes.
> 	-- Joe, K1JT
> jeff millar wrote:
>> Group...
>> I have a goal of using MAP65 for the June VHF contest and worked this
>> weekend to get Linrad on one PC "unicasting" to my Win XP Media Edition
>> laptop running MAP65.  I succeeded in getting 0% packet loss and the right
>> change in reported level as I turned the preamp on and off...so that
>> part appears correct.
>> However, MAP65 faults and the "serious error" "has to close", "sorry",
>> "send to microsoft?" box pops up and "details" mentions audio.pyd.
>> Map65 doesn't seem to crash if I shrink the waterfall window or if Linrad
>> doesn't send it any packets from linrad.  Basically the waterfall puts up
>> one minutes worth of data and then boom!
>> Does anyone have any ideas about what to do?
>> thanks in advance,
>> jeff, wa1hco

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