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[Linrad] Re: Phase relationship V to H in Linrad RX

At 01:06 PM 3/14/2009, John wrote:

>Lief and Joe,
>Is there a degridation of Linrad (or MAP65) if the H and V signals are
>out of phase.  I am thinking of HF rx for wisper,  My H and V may have
>several wave lengths difference in feed line.  Is this a problem?
>I'm still thinking of this as diversity reception, perhaps a bad model
>but the only mental picture I have.
>Tnx, John K1VBM

Good question.

I am only guessing, but probably the only thing recovered by Linrad 
is the amplitude of the H and V signals.  If so, then it is assumed 
that the two signals are orthogonal (90-degrees out of phase) and the 
magnitude of each vector is used to determine the resulting polarity maximum.

If, however, the two signals are combined as analog RF voltages, then 
the phase will definitely matter.  I am guessing this is what concerns you.

As I understand it, MAP65 merely takes the digital baseband and 
decodes them.  It should not matter what the phase angle is between 
the two signals.  It is also possible that Linrad outputs a single 
vector addition signal with all information contained.  MAP65 would 
only be dealing with a single data stream.

Just my assumptions ;-)

Ed - KL7UW

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