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[Linrad] Linrad/sdr-IQ level adkustement?

Hello ,

I ran some experiments yesterday and this morning , and I have dumb 

1) I 1st verified that the hardware really sets the noise floor. No pb I get 
18db noise floor increase when the preamplifier is switched off.

To know more , I also checked whats going on when I switch the SDR-IQ input 
attenuator :  the preampON/preamp OFF ratio immediately goes on the low 
Same test with the SDR-IQ IF gain : even with gain set to0db , preamp noise 
ratio stays 18 db.

2) Check levels on Winrad :
There was a contest this w.e , with the original settings , I got heavy 
saturation on a local friend on Linrad , when my normal rig behaved OK 
(TS850+tvter). So probably my level is too high.The S meter is at S9+10 with 
red color on the noise level , I suppose it is not good at all?

Question : the only way to get the rigth without killing sensitivity is to 
play with the IF SDR-IQ attenuator , I'm not sure the gain box ( associated 
with SDR-IQ QRG setting) is effective on the IF gain , someone could confirm 
pse?On which gain is this control effective?
If it is not the case , where can I set this? ( Maybe one of the parameters 
like CICxx?)


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