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[Linrad] Re: Linrad and MAP65-IQ


Today I have made the firsts serius tests with Linrad and MAP65-IQ.
MAP65-IQ gets OK the input from Linrad over the localhost (
address,  but I have found quite a few important problems:

There is one issue related to Linrad (version 03.02).  After starting
Linrad, I click on the main waterfall display to select a QRG. This works OK
the first time, but the second time I click on the waterfall to select a
different QRG, Linrad always crashes with the following message:

Could not find info no 745251
Error[745251] No info available in errors.lir

I start Linrad with "Above normal" priority.

The other issues seam related to MAP65-IQ:

1.- It always shows “No RX data” during 20 seconds (from second 40 until
second 00 of next minute). From second 00 to 40 it receives data.

2.- Program randomly quits without any message. I mean all MAP65-IQ windows
are closed.  This has happened about 4 times in one hour.

3.- The QRG shown in MAP65-IQ's Waterfall is 4 kHz lower that in Linrad. I
mean, if I click on the same signal in Linrad's waterfall and on MAP65's

4.- It never decodes.  I haven't been able to decode any signal, even when
they were very strong. (could it has to do with problem #1 ?)

5.- Even moving the “Digital gain” slider completely to the left I still get
“RX: 4.6 dB”. I don’t know how to make it go down to near 0 dB. I guess that
might be it should be configured in Linrad, but how?

6.- This is a question only. What are the “Speed” radio buttons in Waterfall
display for? I don’t see any difference choosing one value or another.

7.- An this is a modification request. Having a waterfall display updated in
real-time is an absolute need, at least the waterfall of the selected QRG
should be updated.  It's not a good solution having to select a QRG in both
Linrad and MAP65 just to have the chance to see how the signal looks. For me
this is a very, very serius drawback of MAP65-IQ.

All tests have been made with a machine with a Core2Duo 2.3 GHz processor, 2
GB or memory and Windows XP Professional. Processor load was never above
40%, even during decoding (above 14% the rest of the time)

I looking forward to some ideas of where to start looking at in order to
make more tests.


73. Gabriel - EA6VQ
Web-Site: HTTP://www.vhfdx.net <HTTP://www.vhfdx.net>
VQLog 3.1 (build 53): HTTP://www.vqlog.com <HTTP://www.vqlog.com>
Real-Time Propagation maps: HTTP://www.vhfdx.net/spots/map.php

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> De: linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]En nombre de
> Joe Taylor
> Enviado el: sábado, 07 de marzo de 2009 16:27
> Para: linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Asunto: [Linrad] Re: Linrad and MAP65-IQ
> Hi Les and all,
> Les (W2LPL/W2DBL) wrote:
> > We are finally up and running. Using a DEM 144/28 converter with the
> > SDR and Map65-IQ as an EME band scope into a seperate computer, while
> > running WJT6  for RX/TX (TS-2000) on another.
> >
> > I have noticed that the Freq reported in MAP65 is 4 MHZ off. I have
> > Linrad set to 28.130 and  Fadd to 116000.
> I don't understand what you mean.  What reading is 4 MHz off?
> > Still running into issues where linrad freezes and needs to be
> > rebooted but Im running on only a  P3 1,GHZ with 512 MB.
> 512 MB may not be enough memory.  MAP65-IQ itself needs about 300 MB.
> > I have not been able to decode anything below -22 db, Are there any
> > other settings to be played with on Linrad to increase sensitivity or
> > is it function of my limited  processing power ?
> MAP65 has no adjustable settings that affect decoding, other than QSO
> frequency and Tolerance.  These afect only the decoding that appears in
> the main text window.
> 	-- Joe, K1JT
> >

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