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Hi Jeremy,

> Linrad says I'm missing inpout32.dll 

That means Linrad does not find it in your Linrad directory.

> I have down loaded it but doesn't work whereever I put it. 
> Linrad has my instruction for pport 888, but Linrad also is 
> issuing error message about the missing dll file? 
> Leif is done, won't even answer me, hi! 

I do not understand how you could get this impression.

> I have spent thousands with those guys, but Linux is what 
> they talk, so I must feel things elsewhere. Got any clues 
> to my problems?
It is true that I prefer Linux (for several quite different 
reasons) so my knowledge of Windows is somewhat limited.

My experience with Microsoft is essentially from MSDOS and I
still use the DOS window for many of the things I do under
Windows, so you might need someone else to translate my 
explanation to an explanation that works with modern 
graphical tools in Windows.

To install Linrad under Windows with parallel port:
Open the DOS window and issue these commands:
cd C:\
md Linrad
cd Linrad
copy xxxxxxxxxx\linrad.exe
copy xxxxxxxxxx\help.lir
copy xxxxxxxxxx\errors.lir
copy yyyyyyyyyy\inpout32.dll

xxxxxxxxxxx and yyyyyyyyyy is whereever the files are located 
on your system.
After the dir command you should see the four files 
linrad.exe help.lir errors.lir inpout32.dll

Not something like inpout32.dll.bin or help.lir.txt 
(I occasionally get problems of that kind - but not 
when I use the DOS window)  

Note that Linrad is started from the DOS window when the
current directory is the one where the four needed files
are placed. Surely the modern method would be to use a
desktop icon, but I do not know the normal procedure to 
create one.


  Leif / SM5BSZ

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