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[Linrad] Priority and freezes under Windows.

Hi All,

I have changed the setup in Linrad-03.03 to allow priorities 0 to 3.
1=above normal

When I run Linrad with soundcards on various systems I see no
problems, generally higher priority is better because I can
then run other applications without interruptions in Linrad.

When running with USB input it is different. Setting realtime
priority for Linrad degrades the USB performance and makes
the maximum sampling rate something like 140 kHz for SDR-IQ
while 183 kHz is ok at priority high and below.

I can run Linrad with timf2 output on the network at 95238 kHz
for MAP65-IQ without any problems at all priority levels
when using the default ip address

BUT when I change to it is different. When sending
to this address, the maximum priority allowed is above normal.

I think it would be a very good idea to change MAP65-IQ (and MAP65?)
to receive data on its own address. The reason I made 239.255.0.x the
default in Linrad is that I found somewhere that this is the address
range where the systems expect UDP packages. (Of course) I do not
know whether that makes the system behave differently for different
IP address ranges. But systems know UDP packages may get lost.....

I think it would be nice to set MAP65-IQ in priority above normal
while setting Linrad in priority high. Then it should be possible
to run various other programs simultaneously without adverse effects.
Today it is NOT possible because the use of makes the
highest usable priority above normal for Linrad and then MAP65-IQ
would have to be run at normal priority.


  Leif / SM5BSZ

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