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[Linrad] SDR-IQ + LINRAD

Hello ,

I've tried Windows installation with SDR-IQ yesterday.

-1st of all , it works immediately , no need to mess around for hours like 
when I've tried with Linux (Ubuntu for exemple).

-2nd: I had no idea of what to use for parameters (CICn,RCFx) , I just tried 
some values to check the pgm at least work : it did ( but worked very slow).

This morning I've found an archive mail from Leif explaining which 
parameters to use for EME , I will try it this evening.
There's still two lines I don't know what to use for, it is:

Attenuation below which to use 10db (10-25)?

What is this , pse?


DMA rate (10-999) within output sound board configuration ( mine is a 
realtek built in my Asus laptop)

I'll be happy to get some informations abt this.



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