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[Linrad] Re: P Port issues?

Hi All,

I am finally up and running MAP65-IQ with Linrad 3-02.
For anyone who missed my earlier posts,
I am running a stand-alone computer for Linrad, MAP65-IQ/WSJT6, and
Machine is a 2.8GHz Celeron (single core) with 1.5GB RAM.
Running XP (SP2), no ethernet card and no network connections.

1. ipconfig returns "Media Disconnected", so no ip number is

2. Using par_netsend_ip file with, CR at line end is
essential with Linrad 3-02.

3. The critical thing seems to be the Linrad priority setting.
Previously I have always run Linrad with AboveNormal priority,
but I forgot to include this when setting up Linrad 3-02.
In Linrad Setup, at the question "Run with High Process Priority", I
said YES - WRONG!!!!
When I subsequently set Linrad to run at AboveNormal priority, the
High setting
in the Setup overrode this. Linrad freezes with the High priority

4. So went back into Setup (S), and answered NO to the high priority

5. Right click the ShortCut to Linrad, Click Properties, and edit the
C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c START /AboveNormal YourPath\linrad.exe
where YourPath is the full path to your linrad.exe file.
This will start Linrad every time with AboveNormal priority.

6. Everything now works!

7. Initial impression 1 is that some things don't decode that would
under WSJT6 - not really sure about that yet.

8. Initial impression 2: the narrow waterfall doesn't seem to feed
continuously as in WSJT6.
Am I missing something?
This removes the ability to decode shorthand messages by eye before
the end of the sequence, and to freeze on a weak trace before the
I spent a happy hour following the turmoil on 144.144 with H40HP. I
had worked him earlier on 144.088 :-)

Anyway, success at last. Thanks, Joe.

Guy  VK2KU
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