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[Linrad] Re: Error [745251] Linrad 3.02

Hi Rob,
> I get Error[745251] when clicking in the main waterfall display. The
> error occurs when moving the amplitude scale up or clicking to set the
> demodulation frequency.
> Running linrad 3.02 on a vista laptop together with MP65-IQ
> Difficult one is that the errors not always occurs
This error comes from lir_empty_da_device_buffer(), a routine
that clears the output buffer from old data so the data
from a new frequency can start immediately. This error can 
only occur under Windows. 

The error is that this routine is called when the output is closed.
I can not figure out why but I have added tests to separate the two
possible cases and to give them separate error codes.

Please try to repeat the error with Linrad-03.03 so I can be
sure from where the call is made. There is a risk that this
simple error is a symptom of something more serious so I am
very interested to find out exactly what happens in your system.
I can not reproduce the error here. 

Is there anyone else who has seen this bug?


Leif / SM5BSZ

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