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[Linrad] Re: LINRAD and SDR IQ

Hello Alberto,

> > With respect to the SDR-14 there should be no differences although
> > you might find that Windows does not allow quite as high data rate on
> > the USB as Linux does.
> Hmmmm, I don't want to look as a defender of Windows against the reality,
> but in my opinion there are many, too many, myths about the relative qualities
> of Linux and Windows. 

My observation of slower speed is for SDR-14 (and SDR-IQ) - not
for Windows itself. The dll used under Windows is different from
the device driver used under Linux. That may well be the explanation.

The observation I made is that SDR-14 can be used at a sampling rates
up to 231 kHz under Linux on a PentiumIV while rhe maximum rate on
the same computer under Windows is 190 kHz. Look here:

> The QS1r of Phil Covington is able to pump 4 MB/sec
> through the USB port, and this under Windows.... Perseus does the same
> at 2 MB/sec, so if a limit exists with the SDR-IQ, it is surely not fault of
> Windows itself...
But Perseus and QS1R use USB 2.x !!!
The SDR-IQ and SDR-14 use USB 1.1 The nominal maximum USB speed 
is 635 Kbytes/s continous data. That is no more than 160 kHz.

Windows is faster than expected, but Linux is much faster. The reason could
be the quality of drive routines but as a normal user one tends to see them
as parts of the operating system.....



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