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[Linrad] Re: LINRAD and SDR IQ

Hi Mario,

> I loaded the libasound2-dev ; /configure was ok , but compilation was again
> generating error ; the error log is pretty long so I report only the first 3
> rows ; maybe would be enough for you to understand :
> lsetad.c: in function "lir_sdr14_write":
> lsetad.c:316: error: ignoring return valur of "write", declared with 
> attribute warn_unused_result
> lsetad.c : i function "display_sdi":

Oooh! linrad-02.47 is getting obsolete. The GNU compiler has been changed and
requires a more strict programming than was needed one year ago. I suggest you
download linrad-03.02 from the bottom of this page:

Leif / SM5BSZ

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