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Re: De-Splalter Spurs

Hi Leif,

> Maybe I will also add a notch in Linrad and reproduce the
> result you have with perseus.exe. I do not know how well
> the SAM algorithm of perseus.exe can lock to the correct
> carrier in the group of carriers around 640. The loss of

I guess it will just lock on the strongest. It also unlocks very easily when a 
splatter component briefly exceeds the wanted carrier. This is annoying, 
Winradio has a larger time constant and is not affected.
Both suffer from drifting away should the carrier become very weak or just 
fading entirely. A threshold is needed, below that it should not try to lock, 
just run freely

> signal due to the phase error of using the sum of all
> the carriers would be extremely small - but the chance
> to hear the second station on 640 kHz in the Q channel
> would be much lower.

Perseus does only output one channel, not IQ. Maybe it will in the future

I just tried my SplatAway on several signals to see how effective it works now 
with Perseus. I came across 531 Faeroers, very strong here and has a sole 
carrier. I set SplatAway to remove the strongest of the same fx, that reveals 
Spain that is 25Hz higher and 20-25dB weaker. So it runs not really as a 
splatter killer but as a "local remover"
It works quite well. 
Listen to http://dx.3sdesign.de/audio/531-SplatAway-Demo-090216.mp3

> Two antennas to two separate inputs would be much easier.

Sure. But with just one Perseus what else could be done?
I have also Winradio G305 that has a 20kHz IF non-IQ output with 40kS/s.

How about if I record with WR its IF using the other antenna?
Would it be possible to use 2 completely different wav's that are not 
synchronized? Perhaps there's a way to sync on one signal in both wav's, 
perhaps the wanted one, and thus having a reference to remove the unwanted?
A bit clumsy but what else can de done while waiting for a 2-input Rx

> > 639 RNE Radio Nacional
> > 640 CBN St. Johns, New Foundland, with CBC Radio-1 programming
> > 648 BBC WS
> What country is RNE ?


> It would be nice to have the geographical location for RNE and BBC.
> Those who were never DX listeners do not know...


For Spain I cannot tell

> Do you know what is the second station on 640 kHz? I can not hear

I am not sure, but I had CFMJ-Toronto Radio (Richmond Hill/Beamsville, ON)     
several times in the past, so perhaps this one was it. CBN and CFMJ use the 
same offset (0 Hz)

The problem with this narrow bw wav, I have no reference to calibrate on. 
Normaly I use 1215 (UK) as the reference

> any of it in the Q channel of Coh2 where it should be present.
> The second station at 648 can be heard fragmentary in the Q channel
> of the 648 file. Do you know what station it is?

SVN - Radio Murski Val, Nemcavci  it should be 3Hz lower