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[Linrad] 90 degree hybrid

Aloha to all:

May I use a 90 degree hybrid device to split simgle signal from RF generator. 

My question about this may seem easy, but I can see the hybrid supplies near 90 phase difference but also a similar time difference at the -90 port. I am thinking this would be similar to a circular polarity signal on a XPol boom, but not that of a more traditional side by side array of V and H elements, where unlike XPOL, all drivers (H/V...whatever) are the same distance from source, supply 0 and 90 but less the time difference? True or no true? 

So me thinks this might be a silly question, but can I begin to refine my WSE converter with a signal generator split through a 90 degree hybrid? Will this testing represent what the WSE will see from my seperate V and H antennas? 

Does the whole time factor make no never mind and just not even important?

Mahalo in advance, Jeremy w7eme

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