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Re: Parport

Hello Stan,

> I have a new computer that I installed XP Pro. It did not have a par
> port so I added a parrallel port card in a slot on the mother board.
> Looking in the device manager in shows it's default location as LPT3.
> It will not control my WSE converters when using parport=888. I tried
> to select LPT1 (an option in the device manager) it still did not
> control WSE. The Resource I/O Range is E800-E807 and E480-E487.
LPT1 = 0x03bc = 956
LPT2 = 0x0378 = 888
LPT3 = 0x0278 = 632

I know practically nothing about Windows, but maybe
this information from the Internet would help.


Leif / SM5BSZ

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