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Re: Hello

Good morning Dave,
My WSE systems are based on 144 MHz. This, naturally, makes the microwaves a snap. I just feed their converted 144 output to an SMA relay system selecting the correct band. The 50,222, and 432 bands are a bit tricky for me. They all convert to 28 MHz. I then use another converter to go from 28 back up to 144 for the WSE boxes. Having waterfall display the same intensity on all bands requires adding a cartridge type attenuator in the output of the 28-144 converter matching the signal level of the 144 band. I use tower mounted preamps on all bands except 50. Switching all converters with SMA relays keeps the system physically small.
Dave, I don't understand what the "reset parameter" statement was about.
Stan, KA1ZE/3
In a message dated 12/12/2007 8:11:36 AM Eastern Standard Time, k4to@xxxxxxxx writes:
Good morning Stan,

I am using an SDR-14 with a switch box for muting and isolation. I use
the 0-30 mhz input for my transverters on 50 thru 432 mhz and the direct
input for the 903 thru 10368 transverters. The VHF tranverter IF's are
all 28 mhz on on Orion II and the microwave stuff is 144 mhz IF going to
a K2 with a DEMI two meter board in it.

I also have found Linrad to be far superior to any other spectum
processing and display program.

I wish there was a simple way to switch the SDR inputs without having to
reset all of the parameters, but fortunately I don't have to switch too



Stanka1ze@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello,

> Welcome!

> I have 2 systems of Linrad up and running.
> Both are running version lir02-35. I am experimenting with lir02-39 and
> will probably use it in the Jan08 ARRL contest. Both of my computers are
> Windows XP and linrad was installed using the source code.

> I also have 2 of the WSE hardware packages. One system is on 50,144,222
> and 432. The other is being used to listen to the microwave bands.

> I started using Linrad the last few years and have finally stopped
> searching for the best receiving system. I am convinced, I FOUND IT.

> Stan

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