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Re: Linrad 2-40

Hi, Stan,

Good to hear from you!

It is the same here on both accounts.

First, there is no option to select '4', dual-channel, I/Q when setting 
up the audio streams.

Second, I have exactly the same behaviour seeing error 1227 if I leave 
Linrad and then re-enter.  As you note, things work fine with a 
single-channel I/Q receiver until you leave Linrad and try to return.  
Then the error occurs.  So one needs to setup the audio stream every 
time one starts Linrad.

I compiled Linrad-02.40 using MinGW and saw this behaviour using my 
compiled version of Linrad-02.40 as as well as with the exe version 
Leif provides.

I am running on a Core2Duo using Windows XP, with a Delta44 input and 
SoundMax output.

I suspect this is a problem that will be simple for Leif to fix once he 
learns of it, which he will from your email.

02.39 works fine here and that is what I have been using.

I hope you enjoyed the contest this weekend.  I had a blast using 
Linrad and MAP65 [thanks Leif and Joe!!].


Roger Rehr

Quoting Stanka1ze@xxxxxxx:

> Hello,
> I am having the following problem with 2-40
> When selecting the radio interface I never get to select 4. I select 2 OK,
> and proceed with the rest of the setup. After selecting all of the operating
> parameters I make sure I press the "W" to save. As long as I don't exit the
> program I can "X" out of the RX and get back to receiving OK.
> Exiting the program and getting back in the program is a problem. Selecting
> "D" from the menu gives me internal error 1227 (failed to open A/D  
> input....)
> My folder contains NO dmp file.
> Thank you Stan, KA1ZE
> Ps: I have both of my WSE systems working again. I replaced the MFG J-310
> and it worked fine all weekend.
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Roger Rehr

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