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Feedback linrad-02.39

Hi Leif,

It has been a busy summer here with a long stay in Tuscany to recharge my solar batteries :-) (and little time for linrad :-( )

This morning you wrote:
I have not had much feed-back on whether the changes in users.c
and users_tr.c have caused problems or if there have been other
difficulties. Please test Linrad-02.39 and verify

On my Kubuntu 7.04  system  "users.c" is running fine with linrad-02.39.

With "user_tr.c" however I get the error message
"1224 attempt to pause a thread that was already paused "
when I make an attempt to change the frequency in the frequency box for the WSE convertors.

I have not had the time yet to make further investigations to discover the origin of this problem.


Pierre / ON5GN