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Re: [linrad] Difficulties

Hi Leif,

   Here is one suggestion for a relatively easy linrad feature.

   Add "Auto Scan".

   It would be nice to have an "auto scan" feature kinda like the very old
AM radios.

   It would work like this:

   1. You are listening to a couple of CW stations talking to each other.

   2. They get done, fade out, whatever.

   3. After a suitable (programmable?) time with no loud enough CW

   4. Linrad automagically scans and "locks" onto another signal.

   This would be neat as I sit in the lab doing other things, to have
linrad automatically entertain me :)))).

   The feature could be further enhanced.....

   Another simple feature. Keyboard CW from the Linrad keyboard.

   Just a couple of thoughts.

   Have a great vacation :)

   warm regards from Concrd,NH USA,
   john, ni1b