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Linrad - SDR-IQ

Hello Leif,

I am using the SDR-IQ with Linrad, running under Windows XP. I have three questions:

1. How does one reduce the level out of the SDR-IQ. I have set to -36 db in Linrad, but the S meter level still shows signal level far above S 9, even with very little antenna connected.

2. Is there a version of Linrad that will recognize the SDR-IQ when running under LINUX? The last version I tried did not "see" the connected SDR-IQ.

3. I can see how to set the sound output sampling rate to 96000 Hz. Can I also set the input rate to 96000 Hz for the SDR-IQ? If so, what are the parameters I need to set, and to what values? (I am trying to prepare for MAP65)

Dave, W5UN