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Fwd: Re: Linrad-02.34 and H=TX TEST

Hello Leif,

If I change line 1237 in users_tr.c to:
if(rx_mode != MODE_TXTEST) set_ug_band_no();

instead of :

the problem is solved.

An other solution could be to  allow a call to   users_init_mode()
and  userdefined_q() when rx_mode == MODE_TXTEST
which does not happen now.

Which solution do you recommend ?



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Subject: Re: Linrad-02.34 and H=TX TEST
Date: Monday 28 May 2007 20:06
From: Pierre Vanhoucke <pierre.vanhoucke@xxxxxxxxx>
To: Leif Asbrink <leif@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Leif,

On Monday 28 May 2007 00:24, you wrote:
> > However, when I try to modify the frequency in the WSE box, either using
> > the arrow key or entering a new frequency in the box, xlinrad dies with a
> > segmentation fault.
> I can not reproduce this. Can you reproduce it? I guess this
> is not related to the problem of having run the D mode before.

Yes, now  I can ;-)
It is indeed not related to the problem of having run the D mode before, but
to  user_extra  or users_hwaredriver
Without them, everything runs fine.
I haven't yet figured out  exactly where things go wrong and  will report
 more details  later

Thanks for all and best 73