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[linrad] Re: Linrad make error

Dear Roger,

thanks for the explanation. Aside it might surely be a familiar problem to people that went thru the install process recently, and have linux skills enough to exactly understand what is going on, I guess it is still a good report for all to read and especially for those who haven't compiled svgalib recently.

I then read your other mail regarding the use of Alsa and that also is a good piece of info as I personally tend to use Alsa only on my systems.

Thanks for sharing your experieces and always with great details. I just updated the shack computer to the etch release so I feel like I will soon be on your same road... hi ;-) Eventually I'll drop you a private mail.


Sergio MMB

w3sz@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi, Sergio.

It is really simple.  I think I just left out too many details, believing that everyone was as disgustingly familiar with the svgalib compile process as I have unfortunately become.  I wish I were far less familiar with it   ;)

When svgalib is compiled with the 'make' command, it creates svgalib as well as svgalibhelper, all as a part of the same 'make' command.  As I stated, 'make' failed on creating svgalib_helper.  The sequence of events in the compile operation is such that svgalib had already been created by this time.  By setting the NOHELPER option, svgalib itself, which was created OK, runs with no need for svgalib_helper.  Thus the failure to create svgalib_helper during the 'make' operation is of no consequence, as I had indicated.

As far as Linrad goes, compiling linrad-01.35 failed with the error I noted.  I therefore of course couldn't run it.

But Linrad-02.03 compiled fine with no error.  There is an OSS problem with the kernel that I am trying to work out that causes anything that used OSS to lock up, and Linrad is of course no exception here.  But this is not a Linrad issue.  I was stupid, and SHOULD have tried the 'stock' audio to see if in ETCH it will work at 96KHz sampling before trying OSS.  But I did not, because of my own stupidity.  I will next reinstall the original stock audio and see if that works.  If it does I will not bother with OSS.  I am always frustrated with the problems OSS has each time the kernel is updated, but so far it has been the only solution that has allowed me to sample at 96000 Hz with no problems.  If the stock audio ever does the same, OSS will be history ;)

The bottom line is that I always tell others in the strongest terms, "Don't update your kernel unless you have a really good reason to do it."   But I cannot help myself, and always want to see what will happen.  Do not try this at home ;)



 -------------- Original message ----------------------
From: Sergio <ik2mmb@xxxxxxxx>


I am a Debian user so I'm interested yet I am a bit confused. You say you got several errors on the make which also seems not to conclude properly; how can you possibly install it ok after? Or for 'debian new version' you intend the testing and not the etch version. Sorry if I am maybe misinterpreting something but maybe you can clarify for me.


Sergio ik2mmb

w3sz wrote:

I am testing Debian Etch [testing] with
OSS version: 3.99.4a
OSS build: 200603251735
Kernel version: Linux debian 2.6.15-1-686-smp #2 SMP Mon Mar 6 15:34:50 UTC 2006 i686 GNU/Linux
Kernel vermagic: 2.6.15-1-686-smp SMP 686 gcc-4.0
Modutils version: 3.2.2

Also 4.0.3-1 and nasm 0.98.38.

I find when trying to 'make' Linrad-01.35 that I get the following error:

  main.o ui.o setvga.o setad.o fft1.o buf.o mouse.o wide_graph.o \
getiq.o fft0.o rxtest.o hires_graph.o fftasm.o baseb_graph.o mix2.o \
afc_graph.o hwaredriver.o sellim.o palette.o gifsave.o timing.o help.o \
calibrate.o calsub.o calsub2.o llsqvar.o llsq.o caliq.o timf2.o wcw.o \
powtim.o selvar.o fft2var.o sigvar.o screenvar.o uivar.o fft1var.o \
fft3var.o calvar.o blnkvar.o mix1.o fft1_re.o fft1_approx.o fft1_complex.o \
simdasm.o blank1.o fft2.o pol_graph.o split.o afcsub.o modesub.o spur.o \
cohsub.o coherent.o eme.o spursub.o freq_control.o fft2mmxb.o fft2mmxa.o \
tune.o txtest.o network.o fft2mmxc.o hware.o morse.o coh_osc.o cwspeed.o \
netvar.o settx.o cwdetect.o txvar.o vlab.o fft3.o

/usr/bin/ld: unrecognized option '--crefmain.o'
/usr/bin/ld: use the --help option for usage information
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [linrad] Error 1
---------------end of make error

Linrad-02.03 installs fine without this error under the new Debian distro and kernel!

This is just an FYI.

Since I am sending this via the list I will post a couple of other interesting things.

I am playing with installing Debian testing [Etch] using Netinst, from

This installed OK except that I had to go in and set the network parameters. For some reason netinst assumed DHCP, so I had to enter the dnsservers and ip address/netmask/gateway stuff after install.

svgalib install ended with an error, with svgalib_helper failing to install [of course]. Setting the NOHELPER option rendered this problem moot. I again had to use the mdev /dev/input/mice statement to get the mouse to work in svgalib. I had to use the VESA driver with my Intel i810 video to get decent video resolution choices in svgalib.

OSS remains a problem. It will install and I can turn it on with ./soundon and configure it with ./soundconf, but when it is used either via ./osstest or ./linrad, it will lock up the computer thoroughly so that I must hold in the ac power button for about 10 seconds to shut off the computer and then reboot. cntl-alt-del, cntl-alt-F7, cntl-alt-F8, escape, cntl-C, etc have no effect in this situation.

To get OSS to install I had to use my usual trick of renaming soundcore.ko to soundcore.ko.old to stop the sound from installing so that OSS could install.

I would recommend staying with the stable form of Debian at present [Sarge]. The most recent kernel I have gotten to work with Sarge is 2.6.12.x. Trying got me into quite a bit of difficulty, so I decided to just go all the way to Etch and and see if I could get everything working.




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