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[linrad] Re: Mandriva 2006.1-0.3 Free

Hi Richard,

> > svgalib is not any problem at all. There are several ways of getting it 
> > running properly, I have shown you two of them and Roger has shown
> > one more. Rogers solution it the one to prefer for the future:-)
> I have managed to get it installed both from RPM's and tarball.
OK. So svgalib is not any problem. Someone should have told you in
the first place to use the NoHelper option with your first RPM install.

(I did not have this option because a new install of 1.9.24 saved
my /etc/vga/libvga.config file which did not have it. I will make
some updates on the Linrad home page.

> I might still have a copy of Redhat 4.1 somewhere, is that old enough :)),,,being sarcastic .
Not being sarcastic, RH4.1 is too old.

If you want to run Linrad on an old Pentium or Pentium MMX 
you have to use something like (oldest)RedHat 6.1 or 
(newest)Mandrake 8.0. Later installation CDs just crash 
if you try them on old computers. The only modern
Linux I am aware of that installs on a Pentium 1 is Debian.
There may be others, of course. I can not try everything.

> Is it known if the ALSA compatible OSS ICE1712 delta 66 drivers work on linrad , they seem to on 
> winrad in wine, its a bit slower  than I'd expect on sampling on wine.
I have no idea.

> > This has nothing to do with the kernel version. The one I find on my fresh
> > download is 2.6.12-13mdk (It seems that the Mandriva kernel is not so stable
> > right now since you have already 17mdk)
> -17mdk was bought out on the update source to try and catch up with the main kernel development, it 
> dos'nt mean its unstable if the packager is tied up doing something else, you should know that Leif.

> Change log
> * Sat Feb 11 2006 Luiz Capitulino <lcapitulino@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 2.6.12-17mdk
>    o Gwenole Beauchesne <gbeauchesne@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>        - remove obsolete (integrated) patch: DA05_8139too-poll_controller.patch
>      o Samir Bellabes <sbellabes@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>        - support for mptsas (LSI1064)
>        - ipv6 was broken for sis190. (ZZ10_sis190_multicast_ipv6.patch)
>      o Luiz Capitulino <lcapitulino@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>        - Fixes time going twice as fast bug (fixes #16350 and #18392)
>        - Fixes Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor sample rates problems
>        - ZZ68_CAN-2005-3055_usb_urb_oops.patch replaced by
>        ZZ83_CAN-2005-3055_usb_urb_oops.patch. Reason: ZZ68 patch is _wrong_,
>        is not in the kernel and is generating hangs with vmware; the new
>        patch seems the right one (fixes #20611)
>        - Fixes supermount crash when accessing supermount-ed CD/DVD drive (#18783)
>        - Fixes sbp2 module unload (fixes #20737, patch from Stew Benedict)
>        - Support for nosrc.rpm, with this we can generate a package with no kernel
>        tarball (patch from Thomas Backlund <tmb@xxxxxxxxxxxx>)
>        - Security fixes:
>          * ZZ84_CVE-2005-2973_ipv6_local_dos_fix.patch
>          * ZZ85_CVE-2005-3356_sys_mq_open_double_decrement_fix.patch
>          * ZZ86_CVE-2005-4605_insanity_avoidance_in_proc.patch
>          * ZZ87_CVE-2005-4618_sysctl_overflow_fix.patch
>          * ZZ88_CVE-2006-0095_da_crypt_info_leak_fix.patch
>          * ZZ89_CVE-2005-4639_dvd_bt8xx_buffer_overflow_fix.patch
>          * ZZ90_CVE-2006-0454_icmp_extra_dst_release_fix.patch
>        - Final 2.6.12-17mdk
> <snip>
> Now that shows that the Mandriva packgers are repsponding to minor kernels poroblems#

This says that the release is highly unstable. It is changed very
frequently and therefore it is a hopeless task for others who depend
on kernel headers that they follow established standards. As far as
I understand Mandriva has their own standards and the latest 
stable release seems to be Mandriva 10.1 

I am sorry I wrote the "kernel" is unstable. My point is that the
"release" is unstable. OSS does not work. It is a fact and there is
a reason. 

> Surely the end product that everyone wants is a package that installs easily, does exactly what is 
> says on the tin, and others see it and want it.
> I, and I suspect many others, are aware that your work in this area has exceeded expectations but is 
> being held back by svgalibs.
> I'm sure if linrad was ported to X you would find its usage grow exponetially.
> And because it would look good there would be more migration to linux from other Hams.
> I'm also prepared to help port linrad to a X-window.
Linrad is now available for Microsoft Windows. Surely a port to X should
be trivial but I have not looked at it because there are still too
many unsolved problems relating to the new multi-threaded structure.



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