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[linrad] Re: Can not query hardware under windows

HI, All,

I have had over the past year had multiple problems with win2k and sound with programs other than linrad. In fact, they were so bad that I recently wiped the Win2K installation and installed Win XP pro over it. I wonder if that is part of the problem Dan is having.

My most recent problem involved using another DSP program which ran on every machine except my win2k machine.

I previously had problems with the win2k when I wanted to run my K2 and FT1000 remotely over a wireless link. the win 2K machine would not allow the remote sound functions to work, and I tried a variety of programs to accomplish this.

Since I replaced the Win2k with XP I have had no problems.

Having said that, I have been running Linrad for Windows here successfully since Sunday evening on another machine, running Windows XP Home. Both by onboard sound and my Delta 44 were correctly recognized by Linrad and I didn't need to do anything unusual to get things running. I chose 'Delta44 multi' for input ['1' I think] and the onboard sound 'SoundMAX' or whatever it is [0] for output. I selected 32 bits even though I don't think that is working and I/Q and 96000 Hz and all is playing well.

Leif tells me that Linrad expects NO other programs to be running. Having said that, I have been able to switch back and forth between various programs and Linrad and except for the screen sometimes taking a while to be overwritten by Linrad where the other program was sitting, all is well. I am listening to a local beacon on Linrad for Windows as I type this text in Opera which is sitting over top of 2/3 of the Linrad screen. There is an occasional almost imperceptible pause in the audio [which I haven't heard in several minutes].

I don't have an answer for Rein's problems, as I don't know enough to comment. All main menu choices I have tried have worked for me, even listening to "S" files after I made some using Linrad for Windows. I haven't gotten any errors selecting A or U or D or 1 or 2 or 3 or 4.

I have found that sometimes when I make a choice it causes the output audio to disappear and then I have to either go back to the main menu or esc and restart Linrad to get the sound back. This just happened when I had been listening in A and then went back and selected 1 to listen to an S file...no sound...back to main menu...select S again, now sound works... Happened again when I wanted to go from S file to A...had to restart Linrad to get sound back...but it sounds great after restart of Linrad for Windows.

I hope this helps or at least gives some encouragement to those playing with Linrad for Windows.

PS I just used the zip file Leif posted to install Linrad for Windows. I did not yet compile my own exe.

I am using P4 3.2 GHz with 1.5 G RAM, Delta44 and SoundMAX or something like that onboard sound, with Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2.

PPS It is hard to type Linrad for Windows, especially repeatedly. I know Bill Gates and Microsoft sued MIchael Robertson, but do you think they would let us call Linrad for Windows "Lindows" and not sue?? I say, go for it!! [just kidding].



On Mon, 16 Jan 2006 15:27:30 -0500, Daniel Koch <dl3iae@xxxxxx> wrote:

Here is a short report on my experience with Linrad 2.0

Just tried to get Linrad 2.0 running under Win2k.
It will not recognize the Delta44 nor the on board AC97 sound.
There is an old ESE Solo PCI soundcard still pluged into the mainboard that
I used for some experiments when running under Linrad under Linux.
This is the only card Linrad does recognize ;- ).

Available soundcards

0 fmts = fff ESS Solo
Can not query hardware under windows

How do I help the Delta 44 to be recognized?
Will it be possible to run a second card (AC97) for output only?

Maybe I demand too much or I guess I am just spoiled by my Linux setup which
works wonderfull now.

Another thing:
When I switch from Linrad to another program and return back, then Linrad
shows just a black screen and I cannot get it back to work. Need to close
the window and restart.

Tnx for your work!

Daniel, DL3IAE

Roger Rehr

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