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[linrad] Re: knoppix 4.02 and linrad

Hi, Alessandro,

Did you try re-downloading the live CD to make sure it wasn't corrupted during the download?

If you downloaded the OSS version of the Live CD [I made both OSS and ALSA versions], there is a problem in that the free version of OSS that I put on the CD has expired.  I made a new version of that Live CD a couple of weeks ago with a new copy of OSS on it that should be good for another few [??6??] months, but I don't recall if I ever got around to uploading that to Leif's website, where it resides.  I can't check from work, and I am at work as I type this, so I can't check to see what version of the file I have on the website right now.  I will check later and put the new version of the file there if it is not there already some time in the next few days.  I will post to the list when I am sure the new version is there, and also sure that it works after being downloaded.  It is possible that I already did all this already and just don't remember. 

If you would tell us exactly where the Linve CD install stops, and what the last text on the screen is that you see, we'd be more likely to be able to figure out the problem and offer some help.

If you see something like "Kernel panic" as the error message [as your statement that the 'Kernel won't load' might imply], I would think that you may have a corrupted copy of the Live CD.  Other messages might imply that the Live CD doesn't recognise some of your hardware.  Without more information, its not possible to guess what the problem is.

Perhaps some real Linux gurus [which I am defintely NOT] lurking about will have more thoughts on this.  But please send us more info so we hopefully be of more help.  Send it to the list, not to me personally, so you get some better input than that which I can offer.

In terms of trying to add Linrad to another version of Linux, if you go to Leif's Linrad website [which usually comes up as the first listing when I Google 'Linrad'], Leif's instructions will walk you through installing everything you need to run Linrad onto another version of Linux.

http://www.nitehawk.com/sm5bsz/linuxdsp/linrad.htm is the URL.


Roger Rehr

 -------------- Original message ----------------------
From: "Alessandro Santucci" <i0skk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hallo everybody,
> I'm a new on this list and interested in test linrad with my Ham PC (PIII
> 256 MB); unfortunatly the live CD by W3SZ doesn't load the kernel, I don't
> know why. So I tested some Linux distro and some live CD.
> I.E. Linspire does load the kernel and the live CD does OK, but the AI9NL
> live CD does have some problem: finally this morning I downloaded the
> Knoppix 4.02 version and that loads all ok, but I'm not able to put on the
> linrad sw. I'm sorry but I'm not a Linux user, just the minimum as I've not
> so much time in order to be expert with commands.... so can I have any help
> in order to put together a liveCD iith Knoppix 4.02 and linrad, or to load
> Linrad after the Knoppix is OK on the PC?
> Many thanks in advance to every help and hope to be able to test and use the
> Linrad SW ASAP.
> 73 and 72 (I'm a QRPer)
> Alex I0SKK
> Email: i0skk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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