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[linrad] WTB PC

This is addressed to US only hams.
I need your old PC. This PC would be put to use on 2 meters EME using 
Linrad running under Linux:
I am looking for a PC only, no monitor, that has a 1Ghz or faster CPU.
Probably 256mb of ram is about right.
The operating system is not important. I would
install Mandrake 8.0 on it. I have a CD rom, so that is not important either.
A USB port would be nice so I can transfer files. I would need several PCI
slots depending on what is on board that would work. I can still use the 
PC as long as there are enough slots that I can install separate sound
and video cards, but a compatible PC would be nice.
For video compatibility, what is needed is:

Geforce 4 mx420
ATI Export 128
ATI Radeon 7000
ATI Radeon 4x AGP
Matrox Millenium
Cirrus Logic 5429
Xpert 2000 Pro
Matrox G450
Savage S3

For audio compatibility, what is needed is:

Soundblaster PCI 128
PC164 Ensoniq Audio PC197
Soundblaster PNP
Soundblaster 16 PCI
Soundblaster Live
Creative VIbra 128
Creative Vibra 16c PNP
Soundblaster PC 16 4.1
Creative Live
On board AC97 Audio for VIA

This list was compiled from a list of successful Linrad
users on:

Others may work as well. I don't know which ones might work.
The above is a list of cards that DO work. I am not aware
of any other compatibility requirements.
If I have to buy one of the above cards they are not very expensive,
but I will need a free PCI slot for it. I will have to have a free PCI
slot for a Delta 44 sound card. Linrad most efficiently takes audio 
in to the Delta 44 sound card and output audio on some lesser card
for the wideband application I am using. It would also be nice to
have an Ethernet card or a spare slot for it.

The hard drive is fairly unimportant and 5 gig or more is probably plenty.
This PC would be dedicated to Linrad only under Linux.
If you know the PC is fairly clean of RF, that is even better.
I am not looking to spend a lot of money on this. There are countless
dozens of PC's on Ebay, etc. but it is difficult to know what is under the hood.
Perhaps I can put that older PC that is collecting dust to good use.
A tower is preferred to save space in the shack.
If you know of a PC that fills the bill, that is welcome information, but low cost
suggestions only please.

73, Jim Shaffer, WB9UWA.