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[linrad] RE: Architecture of Linrad

 where did you get the idea that my programs are written in Delphi ?
I use C++Builder, that admittedly shares with Delphi the VCL (Visual Components Library), but is C++, not Pascal.... I have always hated Pascal, a language like a straight jacket, that screams if you try to sum 1 to a character or do a bitwise boolean XOR with a string... :-)

Jokes apart, I completely agree with you on the breakdown in threads and separate windows of an eventual porting to Windows of Linrad. And maybe the use of the SPL from Intel
could speed up the DSP part of the program.

Well Bob, if you declare here your intention to work on this porting, then I don't need to continue with my evaluation. May I suggest you to not discard a priori the use of the C++Builder compiler from Borland ? I am fond of it, as it is a *real* visual compiler, not like Visual C++ from Microsoft, whose only *visual* attribute is in the name only...

73  Alberto  I2PHD

Robert McGwier wrote:

The porting of Linrad to a windowing environment is basically
breaking Linrad into threads and then changing the graphics calls
to something executable by the native windowing system such as
X windows, MS Windows, etc.