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[linrad] svgalib-rollback / lir02.xx ; Re: [linrad] Re: gcc 4.0.x / lir01-35

Hello Leif!

Thanks for the helpful comments! After a couple of reboots it
seems that various new side-effects creep slowly in, like the
jumbled text that Roger described. It seems that the changes
that I thought were made in the Linrad code, are actually on
the svgalib-side of things. This was more evident after I tried
to change parameters while running Linrad from the linrad-1.34
directory, and then found out that operation was different due
to preceding runs from the linrad-1.35 directory. Therefore,
most probably some Linrad parameter ('S') settings are linked
to operations within svgalib as it asks for H/V sync freq's,
though it formerly only gave a selection of screen resolutions.

Anyway, there is no better than 400x300 pixels available under
lir01-35 (option 145 with 'S' screen setup), any more. Copying
par_* files did not help either, as lir01-34 started to behave
similarly. I guess Roger's lrmi-0.6 rollback will help, but it
is something that requires some self-education again.

Since compiling-errors happen equally with svgalib and lir01-xx
you don't have to worry particularly about it, especially since
you have been able to compile under gcc 4.0.x yourself. It is
very well possible that something else is missing, and I have
become much more aware of what "unstable" means in Linux....

Seemingly lir02-xx is a natural Linrad continuation in Linux
(but multi-threaded) and the Windows-version in only a side
issue (but a very important one). There are many other Win-
applications that use LPT for steering equipment, so I have
no doubt that there will a good way to solve it for Linrad.

For now I'm signing off with all my admiration for your
persistence in order to find out the subsequent tricks:
getting the various interfaces to real-word operation!

                            73, "Zaba" OH1ZAA/2

P.S. I'm "expecting" a svgalib-1.9.24 soon....??

At 19:22 30.10.2005 +0100, SM5BSZ wrote:

Hello Zaba and all,

> Despite the upcoming Windows-version, Sir Leif seems still to put
> a lot of effort into Linrad_Linux. The latest lir01-35 is proving
> that. It is now doing a lookup of svgalib-versions and does the
> appropriate things related to those during configuring/compiling.
Oooh, this was added in 01.34 in order to make it easier for
newcomers to use the Knoppix cd. I do not know if it helps because
I do not know how the Knoppix filesystem is organized.
Note that you have to exit Linrad and start again to force
svgalib to read the changed file into memory.

> As a trial-and-error pupil regarding Linux I regularly run into
> severe problems while updating or changing packages. The last
> properly running version has been built as a HD-install with a
> Knoppix 4.0.2-EN, svgalib 1.9.23 and lir01-34. The latest version
> lir01-35 also works, but exhibits (here) some fuzzy setup issues.
> Leif mentioned that some changes were made to lir01-35 due to
> compiling problems with certain distributions. Those occurred
> probably under gcc 3.3.x .... Now, the above Knoppix contains
> originally a gcc version 3.3.6 (you can check it with command
> gcc -dumpversion). However, doing update/upgrade to version
> 4.0.x probably causes the "sanity check" issues [below].
> Subsequently (on a couple of PC's) I used the Finnish version of
> Knoppix 4.0.2 which had been modified with all possible upgrades
> and already included gcc 4.0.2 .... It could not compile either
> svgalib or lir01-34/lir01-35. After update/upgrade (gcc 4.0.3)
> the situation was unchanged and it reported the preprocessor's
> failed sanity check.
This is a bit surprising. I have verified Linrad-01.35 under Debian
with the most recent C version, gcc 4.0.4 (Debian 4.0.2-2) as well
as under some of the old ones. Even though I have no plans to improve
the processing algorithms of Linrad-01.xx I am going to keep it
compatible with the most recent compilers until Linrad-02.xx is
stable under Linux.

What exactly was the error message?

> This seems to be an endless problem with new upcoming issues.
> This calls again for a dedicated machine with a freeze on the
> Knoppix_version side as soon as Linrad is up and running.
This is one way of going:-)

> Regarding lir01-35 I ran into problems with the video resolution
> (in the working system [with gcc 3.3.6]). I noticed the option
> for more specific horizontal and vertical monitor deflection
> frequencies. After a couple of guessed sync parameters I ended up
> with a very limited selection of resolutions, finally resulting
> in choices below 400 pixels. For some reason I did not manage
> to re-enter new values and make changes through S or T parameter
> routines, ultimately resulting in a jammed Linrad and reboot...
The video is not changed at all in Linrad. If 01.34 works, 01.35
should work identically if you supply it the par_* files from

> Thus Linrad still works with the Abit IC-7 and onboard ICH-5 audio
> with lir01-34, but not with any newer distros including gcc 4.0.x
> Also there is still the "should never happen" error with setad.c
> when choosing the 1 RX-channel option (under lir01-34/lir01-35).

> Wonder if we will see all this trouble under the upcoming 'Linrad'
> for Windows multi-threaded version.
Most likely.

First of all, qualified users will probably have to use Linux because
I do not know how to launch Linrad as a real-time task under Windows
which means that Microsoft occasionally thinks its own tasks are more
important regardless of my setting maximum priority to Linrad.

There are several other problems that I do not know if I can solve.
One of them is how to write to the parallel port. I have not found
any way to set or read the pins of both the status port and the data
port. "The parallel port is a shared resource" and it seems Windows
assumes PnP units are hanging on it and only allows the user to
use some high level protocols. I have not spent much time on it
though. Without parallel port the WSE units will not work under
Windows. (Any help is appreciated)


Leif / SM5BSZ

Maybe I'm just dreaming....
>              Good luck to you all!          73, "Zaba" OH1ZAA/2
> P.S. Roger, are you using gcc 4.0.x on any of those Debian PC's?
> At 17:42 24.10.2005 -0400, W3SZ wrote:
> >HI,
> >
> >I have Linrad running on 4 Debian systems at the moment, each with unique
> >hardware.
> >
> >I have not seen that error message.
> >
> >But each of my systems is 'Sarge'.  I have used kernels from 2.4.x thru
> >2.6.11 IIRK.
> >
> >Sarge is now 'stable' and complete.  Why not upgrade to Sarge?
> >
> >I suspect that the message means that  you don't have the gcc compiler
> >installed.
> >
> >I am not at my Linux machine, but I think
> >
> >apt-get update
> >apt-get install gcc
> >
> >should take care of it if I am correct.
> >
> >73,
> >
> >Roger
> >W3SZ
> >
> >On Mon, 24 Oct 2005 13:43:43 -0400, Christoph Petermann <cpe@xxxxxxxx>
> >wrote:
> >
> >>Hello all,
> >>
> >>after big problems with Suse 10.0 I installed Debian (Knoppix 4.0.1 + a
> >>lot of
> >>Add-Ons) on my computer. Next I wanted to reinstall Linrad (1.34). But
> >>here I
> >>failed.
> >>
> >>NASM compiles OK
> >>SVGALIB seems to install OK
> >>Linrad stops while ./configure like this:
> >>
> >>configure: error: C preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check
> >>See `config.log' for more details.
> >>
> >>I see there that some libraries are not ANSI C conform (???)
> >>
> >>Anybody here got Linrad on a Debian ("Woody") system running ??
> >>
> >
> >--
> >Roger Rehr
> >W3SZ
> >http://www.qsl.net/w3sz

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