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RE: [linrad] Sound card problem?

Hello Matthieu,

> I don't use OSS since my sound card was configured without any 
> problem by linrad. I have tried all the possible combinaisons 
> offered by the mixer (available on a window in Mandrake) with the 
> mutes and it haven't cured the problem.
> I will try with an other sound card.
I suggest you try to install OSS. You can use it for evaluation
during a limited time. I would guess you will find that there
is a "mute switch" in ossmix and once you are sure, you can try to
locate another mixer program to use instread of the one you currently
use under Mandrake. I think there are several mixer programs to 
choose from.

Note that OSS will destroy your current sound system. I do not
know how to reinstall it without making a complete reinstallation
of the Mandrake distribution so after all, another soundcard
might be easier...............

> Just a question : does anyone have had success in decoding the 
> call of the very weak station in the UNKN422 record with linrad?
Not as far as I know;)


Leif  /  SM5BSZ