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RE: [linrad] Linrad01-12

Hi Bob and all,

> Having things on a separate thread for graphics allows 
> the signal processing to always preempt the less important 
> graphics repaint is my only point.

Hmmm, graphics can be more important than sound. 
The idea with Linrad is that it converts a multi-user computer
environment to a single user real-time system: A radio receiver.
It has to be run as root (to allow memory locking and parallel
port access etc.) and the user has to do the choices of
what he wants his CPU resources used to. The resources needed
do not vary with time, ALL tasks are considered 100% important 
and if the computer is not adequate, the user will have to decide
what to skip - I see no reason for the software package to have 
any prejudice about what is less important.

In a multi-user environment one would have to accept that other
tasks will use unknown amounts of cpu time occasionally and then 
one would have to set up a list of priorities what to skip first. 
This can of course be done within the present Linrad structure 
but I think the whole package should be designed differently 
by someone who actually knows programming if it were to be 
converted to a task in a multi-user environment..........


Leif / SM5BSZ