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Re: [linrad] Trolltech/Qt

Robert McGwier wrote:
> I am suffering with you. I really wanted to use Qt on Windows
> and you can easily download and install Qt/Windows.  I wanted
> to distribute dream (a software DRM receiver) and when the
> audio encoding licensing was worked out I got excited.  Then
> I realized that Qt/Windows was not free.  You cannot build
> and distribute code that uses it without their license.
> The same is true for all versions except Qt/X11 Free.
> Good luck in your quest to escape svgalib!
> Bob

Have you communicated with the license holders to discover if
they might consider permitting the distribution of niche market
apps if only freeware and not commercial?

It would make for lots of good will and great free publicity for

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e
West Central Florida
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