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RE: [linrad] Trolltech/Qt....WxWidgets

Apparently, I haven't checked the WxWindows/WxWidgets site in a while.  I
went there just after my original post and saw the name change.  Funny how
something can succeed for 11 years under the same monicker before little
Billy G. finally throws a tantrum and has his way.  I guess he just can't
stand to have any competition, however minor.

Dan  KB5MY

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Wow what a great list of interesting suggestions.  On WxWindows, they are no
longer called that.  Microsoft talked to them softly behind doors with an
army of lawyers and caused them to rename it to WxWidgets.

This thread did cause me to go and look and it is an interesting alternative
to the huge and restrictive Qt.

The original post was a suggestion on how to use better tools to talk to
svgalib which Qt/Embedded apparently does. 

I am really glad this thread came up.  I was just about to start a huge
project in Qt.  I might reconsider.


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What about GtkFB? Which is GTK for Frame-Buffers.


Robert McGwier wrote:

> I am suffering with you. I really wanted to use Qt on Windows and you 
> can easily download and install Qt/Windows.  I wanted to distribute 
> dream (a software DRM receiver) and when the audio encoding licensing 
> was worked out I got excited.  Then I realized that Qt/Windows was not 
> free.  You cannot build and distribute code that uses it without their 
> license.
> The same is true for all versions except Qt/X11 Free.
> Good luck in your quest to escape svgalib!
> Bob

Krzysztof Kamieniecki