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RE: [linrad] VESA; and a question

Hi Sigurd,
> You type X until you get to the main menu and then type ESC.  
> Usually I have
> to type a ctl-c once I get back to the X window environment to stop the
> scrolling.

To exit from Linrad, just type ESC. There is no need to go the
long way via the main menu.

Do you have to type ctl-c after coming back to the X window
after running vgatest or mousetest ? 

> I thought it should be possible to goto another console and 
> return by typing
> ctrl-alt-F1 etc, but that seems to kill Linrad.  I would also 
> appreciate any
> clarification.
I guess it is related to svgalib. Try vgatest and mousetest and
see how they behave. In case they have a better behaviour it
might be worthwile to find out why because that might be an indicator
of some memory corruption problem in the Linrad code.


Leif / SM5BSZ