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RE: [linrad] VESA; and a question

I tried linrad 18 last night (with svgalib - 1.4.3) and did get "speed
warning" notices as I had with version 17 but not as frequently. I have
Red Hat 9 on a 2.7 GHz Dell PC.

I also did get a frozen screen in one of the modes (unfortunately I
don't remember which mode). It was frozen in the sense that I could not
select another frequency. "ESC" took me out of linrad and I could
restart it.

I also had to use Ctrl -C to stop the scrolling once I was back into the
command line.

I hope this information helps.


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Hi Joe,

> I discovered that 1.9.17-1 has no include
> file named "vgagl.h".  So, rather than digging into source code I
> deleted all the 1.9.17-1 files and installed the "standard" svgalib
> 1.4.3 package.
Oooh! I do not know if the 1.9.18 has it either. Maybe the
old one from svgalib-1.4.3 is still in place...

> I have noticed that the percentage CPU usage for my simple system (one

> real channel, SSB bandwidth) is typically 15 - 17% with the parameters

> that you suggested to use in your IC-706 examples.  That level of CPU
> usage seemed very high for a 2.7 GHz P4; quite possibly it is also
> because of poor performance by the display hardware.  I am also seeing

Could be. It could also be because of the usleep() problem or some other
malfunction of the code. Linrad-01.18 should not have these
problems, it would be interesting to know what happens if you upgrade
Linrad before svgalib.

> It sounds as though I should install svgalib 1.9.18 soon.
> Now, here's a really stupid question for anyone on this reflector: How
> does one get from the Linrad operating screen back to the main menu
> screen?
Press F1 for help on the main menu ;-)

There are several keys that can be pressed on operating screen and you
will get a list. (The key for exit is X. Press twice. First time to a
menu, then once more for the main menu)


Leif / SM5BSZ

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