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RE: [linrad] problem setting up "non-standard" AD hardware

Hi Juan,
The second audio board is a Bt878a TV card. It can be used as ADC up to 448000 samples per second and 16 bits. I know this can be a bit strange but you can read the setup process here: http://www.domenech.org/bt878a-adc/index-e.htm
In the U option Linrad says:
Checking device drivers
00:/dev/sound/dsp   44100 Hz    2 Chan.    16 bit
02:/dev/sound/dsp1   32000 Hz    2 Chan    16 bit
03:/dev/sound/dsp2   448000 Hz    2 Chan    16 bit
Select device for input by line number  _
If I select ?00? it works but if I select ?03? (the Bt878 ADC) it says ?ERROR (press any key)?. Doesn?t matter if I try ?03?,?3?, ?02?, ?2?, always the same message.  
I forgot to write the modes in the list you see when pressing U.
As you can see in the log file dsp1 and dsp2 fail in read modes
so they can not be used for input.
Try this in setad.c:
Insert a new line between 435 and 436.
Copy it from line 445: read(audio_out.............
Maybe this driver wants a first read before it will respond
to ioctl(GETISPACE)
If it does not help, there is nothing I know I could do. Linrad needs
the ioctl(GETISPACE) to synchronize boards.
If the above fixes the problem I will make some changes to incorporate it.
The system might hang on the read call and something has to be placed
on screen for the user to know;)
Leif / SM5BSZ