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[linrad] RE: BUG: Volume for AM under linrad-01.18

> Last night I was playing with Linrad for the first time in a while.  I was
> trying AM since my RX hardware is still rather poor, but WWV was really
> loud as a test signal.  Although not decriphable listening to it through
> linrad.  BTW, when listening to AM how wide do you set the bandwidth?
I see the width of the modulation on screen and set the filter accordingly.
Some AM stations are as much as 20 kHz wide. The D/A speed has to be set 
higher than the modulation bandwidth and the mixer bandwidth reduction must
be set small to allow 20 kHz output bandwidth. Most AM stations are 10 kHz
wide and I typically set the bandwidth at 10 kHz for AM.

> When I tried to change the red volume control it would either resize the
> bandwidth or bring up an error saying make the window larger.  This always
> happened.  The only way to change the volume was to copy over a config
> file from the dsp_cw_xx with the volume already set higher.

Yes. I already found this bug (and corrected it). There seems to be several
problems with Linrad-01.18, I will soon upload  a Linrad-01.18a with some
corrections including the AM volume.


Leif  / SM5BSZ