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RE: [linrad] WSE RX2500 Tx control?

Hi Guenter,

> Since I want to try once more with Linrad, two short questions:
> 1) Does Linrad work on a Pentium-II with 200MHz? Not just 
> according to speed, also according to the MMX functions used?
This depends on what you want to do. Any Pentium is good
enough for processing the output of a transceiver.

I do not know what performance a Pentium-II has in comparison
with a Pentium-MMX so I can not say how much bandwidth you will
be able to process.

A Pentium_MMX with 266 MHz can process two channels of 96 kHz
each (4 audio channels at 96 kHz) provided that the second fft 
is disabled and parameters optimised for speed. I had one at the
SSA meeting this weekend to show that the WSE converters can
be used with an obsolete computer to provide a really good HF 
> I want to use Mandrake 6.0 Linux
No problem.

> 2) Since most are glad to have GHz-PCs, does it make sense to use 
> the latest version on this slow machine? Just thinking because 
> the performance problems beeing reported over the last days?
Yes. Later versions are typically more efficient. There is a bug
reported by Graziano that 01-18 causes crashes due to segfaults.
I do not know what it means but it could indicate an error that
would make it better to use an older version right now.


Leif / SM5BSZ