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RE: [linrad] Another question

Hi Joe,

> Does linrad no longer have a mode "F = HARDWARE TEST MODE", as 
> described in
> http://www.antennspecialisten.com/sm5bsz/linuxdsp/fft1time/fft1time.htm

This mode is now "I=SOUNDCARD TEST MODE" to distinguish from
the test mode for analog hardware (the WSE converters)

> I would like to look at the relative speeds of the various FFT 
> implementations, as shown for example in the tables linked from 
> that page:
> SIZE = 32768  16 bit no window, bandwidth 1.46Hz
> Vers   Name                            Time
>   0     Approx. radix 2 DIF C          5.02%
>   1     Approx. radix 2 DIF ASM        4.78%
>   2     Split radix DIT C              5.62%
>   3     Approx. radix 4 DIT C          3.87%
> Is this function still hiding in linrad somewhere?
Yes. After selecting the parameters you come to a test screen
which gives the timing of your selection. There is one
after the first parameter screen and it gives the fft1 timing.

There is another test screen after the fft2 parameter screen
(if fft2 is enabled) where you can again see the timing of
fft1 and also the timing of the reverse fft1 and the fft2.


Leif / SM5BSZ